About us

Hope in Life for A Child Transformational Home  HOLIC-Uganda

Is a private, non-profit, non-tribal, non-political, non sectarian and non-governmental organization.  Registered under the laws and regulations governing NGO's in Uganda.

Our Office is  situated in Pioneer Cell, Northern Division, Soroti municipality in Soroti district.Eastern Uganda.


Children with a purpose driven life

Mission statement

Our mission is to build confidence, provide emergency protective care, a transformational home and community resettlement services for orphans and other vulnerable children in Eastern Uganda.

Our values

In addition to values of respect, integrity, transparency, dignity and persistence we uphold love, care, compassion and philanthropy. We believe that every child deserves hope in life thus providing a loving home, a family and parents or caretakers who cater to the child’s physical, emotional well-being and development. We believe that children belong in homes and families and not in institutions. Among our core values are love, care, compassion and philanthropy.

Our motivations

The idea of Holic Transformational Home was conceived by a couple that went through a number of challenges to have children; because of God’s mercy they were able to have only one biological child although the target was three (3). Because of these challenges they received a burden to extend their love and passion for the well-being of other children. It is our conviction that children should grow up fully integrated and involved in the growth and development of a community in which they or will live. A baby’s or children’s home should be committed not only to providing the necessary material needs to a child but endeavor to positively transform a child’s way of thinking towards his/her future as you resettle them into permanent homes.

Our board is comprised of board members who share the same vision and passion for the well-being of children. From children, we derive reason for life and we are convinced that it is our duty to give that same legacy to children that need it.

The National Strategic Programme Plan of Interventions (NSPPI 2011/12 – 2015/16) for Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVC) estimated that there are 2.4 million orphans in Uganda and 8.1 million children in need of external support. We anticipate that that number has risen over the past two years. Furthermore, Ugandan media is circulated with stories of desperate mothers who have dumped babies in latrines, bushes and other very unpleasant places. Such stories and statistics break our hearts and challenge us to do something.

The Eastern region more so Soroti, Katakwi, Amuria and Serere have experienced armed conflicts 15 years ago but the effects from rape increasing the risk of the rapid spread of HIV and unwanted pregnancies, death of parents and family members, lose of gardens and home because of the people being on the run even after resettlement of communities by government and non-governmental actors we surprisingly see an increasing number of children on the streets everyday stare still roaming around the region has a rapidly expanding population and one of the highest HIV rates in the country. These two reasons make the rate of baby abandonment higher than in other regions, leaving an unmet need for family resettlement in the region.

Through our interactions with the Senior Probation and Welfare officer Soroti district, we came to learn that approximately 8/10 children need emergency protective care every month in the East and Northern regions. We also learned that police, the probation officer and the hospital are struggling to find protective care for such children since there is no officially established baby’s home in Soroti and in the whole region.